How to Access More of Your Brain

How to Access More of Your Brain
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You’ve heard the saying that knowledge is power. If this is the case, then it just makes sense that the brain is powerful. Unfortunately, over the years, our brain power tends to decline. However, this should not be the case.

We should be exercising our brain every day to improve our cognition and gain knowledge about various experiences, ideas, and things. Check out MindMasters to learn more about how you can increase your cognitive abilities- and then use these 14 tips to boost see how to access more of your brain and increase your brain power.

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Try New Things

You can stimulate your brain by trying new hobbies, learning new things, and having new experiences. When you switch up your routine, it changes the structure of your brain, creating new neural pathways. These new neural pathways increase our intellect.

Get Adequate Exercise

Working out, especially aerobic exercise, can do great things for the molecular and behavioral functions of our brain. Even just 20 minutes of exercise will improve memory functioning and the processing of information. In addition, exercise stimulates neuroplasticity, leading to the creation of new brain cell connections.

Train Your Memory

When you start to struggle with forgetfulness, you must train your brain to remember. If done every day, you will see a boost in memory functioning. Try memorizing credit card numbers, driver license numbers, passport ID numbers, and more.

Encourage Your Curiosity

You’ve heard that curiosity killed the cat- but the truth is that curiosity is a great thing, as long as you are using it to increase your knowledge and learn important information. Start asking questions about things that you have difficulty understanding. When you are inquisitive like this, it forces your brain to be innovated and creative through the formation of new ideas. Curiosity then becomes a pathway for learning new things.

Always Have Positive Thoughts

When you overthink things, you can aggravate your body and mind- as well as burden the brain with unnecessary stress/anxiety. This can cause the neurons in your brain to be extinguished and prevent new ones from being produced. However, when you are optimistic, it encourages (and speeds up) the creation of new, healthy neurons. So, avoid negative people and thoughts- and accentuate the positive.

Make Healthy Food Choices

You may not realize it, but the foods that you eat have an impact on the power of your brain. Approximately 20% of the nutrients and oxygen from food is consumed by your brain. So, make sure that you are feeding your brain with healthy foods such as carbs, veggies, proteins, and fruits. These will fuel your brain and help facilitate functioning.

Avoid Smoking

If you want to see an improvement in the functioning of your brain and use more of it- you need to quit smoking. Plus, it not only affects the functioning of your brain, it increases your risk of a variety of chronic diseases that you can avoid by quitting.

Read More

Reading provides you with a chance to escape the real world. Plus, it helps train your brain because it forces you to use your imagination to visualize situations/images from the story. It causes your creativity and imagination to be triggered- both of which are very important for increasing your brain power.

Get Adequate Rest/Sleep

Getting rest and sleep helps relax your brain, which means it can better generate new neurons. In addition, sleep/rest can eliminate the toxins that have built up within your body during the day. If at all possible, you must try to take a nap every day to rejuvenate your brain.

Challenge Your Mind

Be sure to take some time out of the day to challenge your brain with new activities, brain games, and mental exercises. This will help you to utilize more of your brain and train yourself to think clearly, creatively, and quickly. In addition, those who do constantly exercise their brain have a decreased chance of developing dementia in the future.

Listen to Music

You can increase the power of your brain by listening to music- especially Mozart. This type of music has been shown to increase brain activity linked to problem solving, memory, and cognition.

Relax Your Mind

Try using relaxation techniques to clear your mind. This helps to improve your mental capacity and help you think clearly. You can do this through taking a nap, listening to music, or by practicing meditation.

Avoid Using the GPS

When you’re navigating around a city/country that is unfamiliar to you, try using a map instead of your GPS. This exercises the area of the brain that is linked to spatial relationships. This area should be exercised on a regular basis.

Avoid Using a Calculator

When you’re doing math problems, try to find the solution by using your brain instead of relying on your calculator. This is one of the best- and easiest- ways to provide your brain with the exercise it needs.

So, as we have said, knowledge truly is power- and you now have the power that comes with the knowledge of knowing how to increase your brain power. If you’d like to use your brain more, practice these tips regularly- and find out more information through MindMasters. You’ll be using more of your brain in no time at all.

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