Seven Steps to Achieve Goals in Life

Seven Steps to Achieve Goals in Life
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Everyone has a goal they want to achieve at some point in their life. Some goals are big and some are small. We all have these hopes and dreams for our future and a desire to accomplish great things. This desire is deep within us, woven into our core and stitched into the fabric of society. In fact, this is what makes our culture what it has become.

After all, we have not only survived- we have thrived. We have achieved some pretty amazing things, thanks to the innovations that have brought about the possibility of making the impossible a reality.

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Sure, we’ve had some pretty amazing achievements across the world. However, though our culture/society are achieving these amazing goals, we find it challenging to meet our personal goals as individuals. While it’s not easy to achieve goals, there is a simpler way. The major problem people face is that they are not setting their goals the right way. Or, if they do set them right, they don’t approach them right. Following, you will find the 7 steps to achieve any goal at all- no matter what.

7 Steps to Achieve Goal in Life

Of course, in order to achieve any goal, you must have some self-discipline. You must be consciously aware of your actions and be able to overcome some of your bad habits. This is not easy- but it can be done. You must be focused on your actions and want to be successful.

Getting past that, there is a proven system that can help you achieve any goal at all, no matter what that might be. This is known as SMARTER goals. This system helps you break down the process into steps, which can help you attain the goals that you crave.


The very first step of SMARTER goal setting is to make sure you are specific about what you wish to achieve. Of course, you must make sure it’s something you can measure so that you can track it- but you must also be very detailed about it as well.

After all, when you are specific about a goal, it will materialize. It will become a reality instead of remaining abstract. This means that you must write it down- moving from your mind to a screen or paper is a major step. Write down what it is that you want to achieve and what your life looks like after you reach it.

Write down what it is that you do every day and who you are hanging out with. Write down what time you’re waking up and what habits you are practicing.

You must take the time to describe your life in detail- down to even the minor ones. This is the first step in setting SMARTER goals

M- Meaningful

In addition to being specific, your goals must also have some meaning. You will always do so much more to achieve a goal that means something to you than you would something that is superficial. When your reasons for wanting to achieve something involve love, family, security, freedom, and country- you will do everything in your power to make it come true. You won’t give up after hitting a few stumbling blocks.

So, when you write down your goal, you should also write down what achieving your goal would mean to you. Of course, it must be profound, something you’re willing to sacrifice for.


When choosing your goal, it should be achievable. This way, you’ll not only be much more likely to actually achieve it but you can gain some momentum in the process. After all, it’s pretty exciting to accomplish a goal that is out of reach, regardless of what that particular goal is. Once you make it, you’ll be fueled by the enthusiasm and zeal of reaching your goal.

Goals must be big- but not completely out of reach. Your short-term goals should be milestones/markers towards your bigger, long-term goals. Make sure that you have an action plan ready to help you follow through.


Think a moment about your goals and how relevant they are for your life/future. Do your goals align with who you are and your core values/beliefs? If not, you may want to rethink them. After all, if your goal goes against the grain, you’ll have a much more difficult time with the follow through.

So, when you’re setting your goals, be sure to think about what it is that makes you who you are. Then, choose your goals according to what lines up with your beliefs/values. When you finally set your goals this way, you’ll find your journey gets easier.

T- Time-Bound

In order to be sure that you can achieve your goal, it must have a timeline. Ask yourself when you plan to achieve your goal. You must choose a specific date on the calendar if you’re really serious about being successful. When you assign a real date on the calendar for your goal, it makes it easier for you to track your progress- and to set your monthly/weekly goals.

However, if you don’t put an expiration date on your goal, you can’t do it this way. Choose the date. Then, circle it on the calendar, and set up reminders to check in on your phone. Then, do everything you need in order to achieve your goal.

E- Evaluate Progress

When you put an expiration date on your goals, it gives you the ability to evaluate them and track your progress. The more meticulous you are about tracking your goals, the greater your likelihood of following through.

Evaluating your goals gives you a better idea of your progress, which keeps you from falling back into your old, detrimental patterns/habits. If you want to achieve your goals in the long-term, make sure to chart your progress daily.

R- Re-adjust Approach

When you evaluate your progress and you realize that you’re further from instead of closer to your goals, you can simply re-adjust your approach. This allows you some time to make some corrections. If you are not evaluating your progress, you could veer completely off course and never reach your goal.

We all have goals. However, it’s not enough to just say that you want to do something and then do it. There are some steps that are wonderful for helping you reach your goals within a reasonable amount of time by making them SMARTER.

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